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Thegius “Titanium” Clayton was born in Atlanta,Georgia on July 15th. He grew up in Herndon Homes and graduated from Booker T. Washington high school. A true “ATLien” Titanium not only has history to back his origins but he has a story to tell about his life. Titanium is the youngest of four siblings. As he got older things got harder so Titanium Became a self supportive youth turning to the streets for survival. But that really bothered him “Why would I sell drugs if my mother use” Titanium said. So he started working at the neighborhood grocery store. 


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Titanium became a well known rapper in his neighborhood and everybody wanted to hear him rap. He began to perform at night clubs throughout Metro Atlanta. He asked investors from his neighborhood to invest in his career but they couldn’t see the vision. Until one night after a performance at Django’s. Titanium was approached by Carlos Diaz an entrepreneur from New Orleans. Carlos was impressed by Titanium’s performance and said he’s never seen anything like it. Carlos wasn’t into the music industry but he believed in Titanium so he took him to other investors (Charles Grant, and Johnathan Wells) and they started From The Ground Up Records. Titanium wasn’t just an artist signed to the label he was also CEO. Titanium put out several hits throughout the southeast region (She’s fine, Hey say, and Under Your Skin). His career was Taking off, however when his mom passed away threw in the towel. 

Titanium had his first child a year after his mother’s death. He wanted his daughter to have everything he never had. He looked around at his surroundings and said I have to do this for my children and grandchildren. Titanium started No Plan B Records at that very moment. Titanium was already well known, but the brand No Plan B caught the attention and stood out everywhere he went. In the words of Titanium “Everything I Do Has A Meaning Behind It, My Name Is Titanium, I Don’t Bend Break Or Fold, Just Like The Metal Titanium Is Used To Strengthen Things Needing Help, My Goal Is To Strengthen Poverty Communities, Open Schools, Help Single Moms And Many Other Things. Every Song I’ve Ever Written Has Meaning Behind It, I Don’t Just Write And Rhyme. No Plan B Isn’t Just A Label It’s A Lifestyle. A Way Of Life, Faith, Belief, And Manifestation”.


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